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Moving? Here’s How to Make Your Long Distance Move Easier

21 Feb
moving box

Moving, in general, can be a daunting task: packing, storing, purging, relocating, then unpacking, and purchasing new things. It’s a lot of work. That said, moving locally is one thing, but moving across the country is quite another. Consider these important ideas as you plan for your move to make your long-distance transition as smooth […]

Designing with Black and White: Conversation with Donna Mondi

24 Jan
black and white

When it comes to color palettes, nothing is as classic as black and white. Old-World elegance, art deco grandeur, traditional spaces, contemporary expanses—they all look spectacular wrapped in the glamorous color combination. Some of the earliest known black-and-white décor may have been highlighted in checkerboard floors in 15th century European artworks, and most famously in […]

Finding Community: Where to Look

17 Jan

After years in the workforce and raising a family, the full house empties and the schedules dwindle for the senior population. And, many times, without scheduled activities, a vibrant group of friends, and a social scene, aging adults are left feeling isolated and lonely. Thus, establishing community is ever so important. So, where does one […]

9 Overlooked Items to Prep Your Home for Sale

10 Jan
prep your home

So you’ve prepped your home cosmetically for sale in every imaginable way – fresh paint, a deep cleaning, new landscaping, decluttered closets and even organized the garage! Your house looks better then it ever has and you are ready to hit the market! Before you proceed with the “For Sale” sign in the ground, there […]

Tips on How to Have the Downsizing Conversation with Aging Parents

03 Jan

The time comes when the tables turn in life and we begin to worry about our aging parents, just as they worried about us growing up and establishing ourselves. We foresee the future and the possible inability of our folks “keeping up” with things, particularly a larger family home. Having this “downsizing” conversation with aging […]

Confessions of a Hollywood Closet Designer

27 Dec

The closet — once an afterthought in architectural design — is having a moment. Fashion-minded homeowners with both square footage and dollars to spare are increasingly opting to turn their dark, narrow closet spaces into Instagram-worthy wardrobes. Some are even going so far as to create closets that rival their favorite designer boutiques in design, […]

6 Stunning Ways to Replace Popcorn Ceilings

13 Dec
Via Coldwell Banker Blog

  This article originally published on Coldwell Banker’s Blog. Guest post by Lauren White Realtors across the nation agree: popcorn ceilings repulse buyers. They see it as a significantly outdated style that also gives them asbestos suspicions. Removal has the potential to raise your home value and keep buyers interested. You’re probably ready to take […]

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