6 Tips On Relocating the Elderly

26 Jan

Whether it is a wanted retirement or unwanted or if it is an elderly relocation that is one that is difficult or a welcome one, helping someone move to new retirement locations can be a challenging process. Often children of elderly parents are the ones that need to be involved in moving their parents into […]

Why Clackamas?

19 Jan

Why Clackamas? If you are considering buying a home in Oregon and Clackamas County in particular you may have a few questions about Clackamas as well as homes in Clackamas. First off, Clackamas County is located in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon and is about 1,900 square miles in size. The count seat is […]

Prized Pearl

01 Dec

If you are looking for that ideal spot in the Pearl District of Portland, then you might be happy to see that there is a “Prized Pearl” that awaits you at the StreetCar Condominiums. And for those that know just how hard it is to find something in the Pearl District as well as how […]

Elders in Action

09 Apr
Elders photo

Most service organizations develop a formal or casual relationship with non-profit organizations, especially in a city like Portland.  Bridges In Real Estate supports this “giving back” to the greater good in many ways. But why should anyone care, much less take the time, to listen? Creating customized, strategic, compassionate planning is the basis of the […]

The Joy of Taxes

27 Mar
tax image

  The Joy of Taxes!    For most of us, paying taxes ranks with root canals, chronic pain or enduring a losing season.  But, there is always a bright side in every situation or a silver lining to every cloud!             Paying taxes means you are earning enough to share […]

A Realtor Offers More Than Keys to the Door!

28 Jun
Welcome Home I

For the majority of the population, a home is the biggest purchase they will ever make.  Hours are spent researching properties online and in person.  Buyers investigate the neighborhood, the school district, and agonize over square footage, floor plans, kitchen layout, bathrooms, fixtures, closets, bedrooms and yard.  While a buyer should consider all of these […]

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