What’s My Price Range?

19 Oct

If you’re seriously considering buying a new home, let me be the first to congratulate you! Whether you’re selling an old home or becoming a first time home buyer, it’s a big and exciting step to take. One of the first things I recommend you do is determine what your price range is for your […]

Meet Your Neighbors: A Guide for Neighborhood Newbies

05 Oct
how to meet your neighbors

Community is one of the most important parts of life. While buying a new home and moving is often a life event filled with excitement and new possibilities, it can also be challenging, too. One of those challenges is a change in the community you’re part of. Whether it’s across the country or across town, […]

Home Mortgage Refinancing 101

21 Sep
home mortgage refinancing

We all love “free” money – a forgotten $5 in a coat pocket, change in the couch, an unexpected balance on a gift card. While finding extra money doesn’t happen often, it’s always a good surprise. With the ever-increasing cost of living and the changing demands of life, finding extra money in the budget is […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Local Police

17 Aug

When choosing a new neighborhood, there are a number of different factors to consider like schools in the area, access to stores, and the availability of recreational activities for kids & adults, and even public transit. Gathering this information can be rather easy by either driving the community or by calling the local community offices. […]

5 Home Fixes That Can’t Be Ignored

18 Jul
leaking faucet

If you are a home seller and you want to be able to sell your home quickly and for the most money,you will find it is important to know the most important items that need to be in good working. Making sure these components are in good working order will help sell your home more […]

Researching Your New Homebuilder

02 Jul

When it comes to building a new home, homebuyers look to find just the right homebuilders that will get the job done right. They need to find someone that understands their needs and have options for the style home desired for their piece of property. There are some pretty good ways to speed up the […]

Why Oregon City?

29 Jun

If you are a home buyer and you are thinking of buying a home in Oregon City, it’s a good idea if you know a little bit about the city to make sure that this is a place where you want to live. It’s a good idea for anyone who is moving to any city that […]

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