Researching Your New Homebuilder

02 Jul

When it comes to building a new home, homebuyers look to find just the right homebuilders that will get the job done right. They need to find someone that understands their needs and have options for the style home desired for their piece of property. There are some pretty good ways to speed up the […]

Why Oregon City?

29 Jun

If you are a home buyer and you are thinking of buying a home in Oregon City, it’s a good idea if you know a little bit about the city to make sure that this is a place where you want to live. It’s a good idea for anyone who is moving to any city that […]

How to Calculate Your Property Value

15 Jun
house value

Whether you are buying a home, selling one or just own a home, an important question is what direction the market is trending and what is the value of your property currently. Evaluating trends are key in pricing property. You can get some insight into that pricing puzzle by not only focusing on home values but […]

Retirement Made Simple

08 Jun

More often than not people in today’s troubled world people are often more worried about trying to overcome the ever rising cost of living and don’t put much thought into retirement or the retirement of those they love and how planning impacts relocating the elderly. They also often have no idea what to expect for […]

4 Reasons for Buying Title Insurance

04 May

  Buying a home is probably going to be the biggest investment anyone will ever make in their life. For anyone in the home buying process, it is important that one has a little bit of new home education, what title insurance is, and how it can protect you and your biggest asset.   One […]

Why Portland?

27 Apr

If you are considering buying a home in Portland, it is important to know a few things about the Portland housing market as well as the community itself. It is always a good idea to know what a place might be like before you make such a huge decision in your life. According to Portland […]

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