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A Family’s Guide to Senior Finances

07 Mar

As family members age, organizing and securing finances is an important step for long-term financial preparation and peace of mind. Depending upon the situation, widows and widowers may have never even touched or had access to their accounts in the past, relying solely on their spouse or someone else for help. Thus, helping seniors put […]

Tips on How to Have the Downsizing Conversation with Aging Parents

03 Jan

The time comes when the tables turn in life and we begin to worry about our aging parents, just as they worried about us growing up and establishing ourselves. We foresee the future and the possible inability of our folks “keeping up” with things, particularly a larger family home. Having this downsizing conversation with aging […]

Paring Down: A Practical Guide to Getting Rid of Stuff

20 Sep

No matter what time of year it is, whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter, it’s always a good time to pare down your “stuff,” and freshen up your dwelling place. That said, downsizing can be tough. Even just the idea of clearing the clutter can seem daunting and awfully overwhelming. Follow this practical […]

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