Meet Marie

Marie Nizich, MBA
451 NW 4th Ave

Canby, OR 97013
Cell: 503-780-4191

Why should you choose Bridges In Real Estate?

Having been born and raised in Portland, Marie Nizich is truly at home.  She was named after her great-grandmother, who came to Ellis Island, not being able to read or write, and was arranged to meet her husband, Jerry.  The two settled in Oregon City where Jerry fished for a living. He was the oldest of four brothers that settled in the area.

Marie has gone on to graduate from Central Catholic High School, Seattle University and recently University of Portland with her Master’s in Business Administration.  Education and Experience have marked her very successful career in Real Estate throughout the West Coast including the Oregon Coast, SW Washington and Portland Metro Region.  Her dedication to her clients’ success is apparent in her attention to detail and multi-million dollars in sales annually.  Employing latest-in-technology tools and carrying a tenacious work ethic marked with integrity and honesty, Marie is a force in the local market.

Marie offers full-service real estate consulting services.  Tireless dedicated to the assimilation of trends, data, information and local neighborhoods, she brings outstanding value to your transaction.  Finding appropriate comparable homes for your property, mastering the cutting edge data available today, negotiating every option on the sales agreement, and identifying the shortcomings of a listing you might consider buying are all ways her representation protects your bottom line and smooths risk.

Culturally educated and valuing diversity, Marie recognizes the global world we live in.  She can demonstrate the great value real estate holds for all types of investors.  Recognizing the rising costs of managing and repairing your real estate assets, she maintains a vast network of service providers and international real estate consultants.

Marie looks forward to meeting you and strategizing how to be successful in your next transaction.

She’s the Bridge To Your Next home!


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