Five Transportation Options Seniors Need to Know About

04 Oct

Life changes a bit as we get older. Our patterns, our routines, and our customs may begin to shift as our mobility capabilities dwindle and we become reliant on the will and ability of others. This may be the result of health and legal issues, but it also may be due to personal choices. Transportation options for seniors are not as scarce as we think.

One of the largest parts of our lives that may shift as we enter into our senior years, is our ability and/or our choice to drive. In today’s society, mobility is a blessing and often a must in areas outside the central city. Thus, whether you’re choosing to give up your driving privileges or it’s simply a change that needs to be made beyond measures of your control, it is important to understand that you have some great options to keep you moving around town!

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  1. Private Car Service
    Your first option is to hire a private car or chauffeur service. While this may not be the most economical choice, it really offers you great freedom and the ability to trek from here to there privately, with simply a phone call or text. There are many, many reputable companies who offer this type of custom service, with dedicated drivers, and may even offer discounts with regular scheduling.
  2. Residence Transportation Services
    For those living in independent, partially, or fully assisted living facilities for seniors, the residences themselves may offer shuttle services. Often times these services cater to group outings, such as grocery stores, doctor’s visits, or even small entertainment venues, but they are a great option for free transportation on a social level, meaning you can travel with a familiar group.
  3. Senior Ride Shares

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    Community service and local involvement is an important part of maintaining your social status as you age. Many cities offer community senior ride share services. These type of rides are similar to those offered at residential living facilities, but are available to those still living at home. ADA transportation is often available for medical appointments, shopping, worship services, group meals, recreation trips, and social activities. It’s sort of like joining a fun little club!

  4. GoGoGrandparent
    Similar to private concierge services, GoGoGrandparent is a service catering to older adults in much the same way Uber and Lyft cater to the younger generation. As an on-demand service, an unassisted car can be at your doorstep in minutes at a much less expensive rate than a taxi. What’s great is that these cars are available 24/7 without any advanced notice or reservations necessary.

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  1. Public Transportation
    While this option may seem like the least convenient way to travel, it should always at least be in the back of your mind. Hopping on a city bus, train, or trolley will ensure that you get to where you need to go without your own mode of transportation, assuming you’re mobile enough to transition between stops and your destination. And the free bonus, excellent people watching!



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