How you can prepare for retirement

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It’s easy to think life will go on as we know it forever. But inevitably, change comes. While it might seem now like the “daily grind” won’t ever end, there will come a day when you get to retire. As you are well aware, it’s important to prepare for retirement now rather than put it off. I’m passionate about helping seniors age in place and stay independent. It’s a much easier goal to help people accomplish when they have adequately planned. When it comes to housing and aging in place, here are some of the things I recommend you start doing sooner than later:

  1. Begin sorting through belongings now. There are few people in the world who actually enjoy sorting through and discarding excess stuff. For most of us, it’s an unpleasant or even difficult task. Start to sort through your things now. That way, you can do it a little at a time (rather than having to do it all at once!). You’ll also save your loved ones the trouble of doing it later, too.
  2. Thing about your housing options. Where do you want to live in your retirement and old age? Begin putting a plan in place to make that dream happen so you can enjoy retirement comfortably and pleasantly.
  3. Put together a remodel plan. If you, like many Americans, want to age in place, you can go ahead and work towards getting your home ready for that. Most houses will require at least a few significant updates to be a safe place to grow old in. Have a professional evaluate your home and recommend changes, get estimates for those costs, and begin saving to cover them. You could also make some of those changes a little at a time.
  4. Take care of your health. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important things you can do. With good health, you will be set up to stay independent for much longer. Set healthy habits now, like exercising regularly, eating well, and strategically care for yourself.
  5. Consider moving to a new house. Downsizing is a normal part of life. If you know you want to age in place, selling your current home and downsizing to a new one is likely to free up the cash you may need for remodels (see #3!). Making the move sooner gives you time to settle in to your new home and be very familiar with it. However, it’s important to know what to look for;  things like one level, easy access, good lighting, and wide spaces are a few requirements to start with.

It’s easy to say you’ll prepare for retirement someday. However, you can’t be too young to start thinking through the ways you can set yourself up for a happy retirement! If you want advice or insight into anything relating to housing in retirement or as a senior, I’m happy to talk!

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