Just as in any season, it’s important to keep your home in tip-top shape with proper home maintenance. And with the cold winter weather behind you and the flowers blooming outside, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning, as well as a few other chores around the house.

The Gutters

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Fall and winter mean the leaves have fallen, the pine needles have dropped, and broken branches and twigs surround the house, and often the gutters. Choose a nice spring day to climb up on the ladder and clear out your gutters. With properly cleaned gutters, free of debris, you’ll likely have less issues with drainage as the spring rains surely fall.


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The Yard

Just like you cleaned out your home’s gutters, it’s time to spruce up the yard. Rake up the dead plants from the flower beds, the dead grass in the yard, as well as any remaining dried leaves from the fall. Bag up these items and get rid of them! Not only will your yard look a whole lot nicer, but you’ll be creating room for all the new spring and summer blooms to fill your garden.


The Sidewalk

During the winter months, the change in temperature and moisture content in the weather can often lead to cracks in the sidewalk and driveway. Spring is the time to get out the concrete or asphalt filler and mend those cracks to prevent them from expanding further as the temperature rises. Try to choose a dry day to complete this task, as the setting of the repair prefers less moisture.



The Walls

As much as we’d all like to deny ourselves the task of wiping down the walls and baseboards and dusting the light fixtures, spring is the time to do this. Winter dust has accumulated and before we begin opening the windows to the nice weather, it’s time to rid the house of that layer of dust and tidy up a bit. Get out the ladder and the dusting rag and go to town.


The Pantry

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Yep, it’s time to clean out the pantry and refrigerator too. Use this as an opportunity not only to throw out the expired and stale food lurking in the back of those cabinets, but also to begin reorganizing your shelves as well. Whether you prefer alphabetizing or categorizing, order to your cupboards will keep you sane and serene during the busy summer months. And, don’t forget to scrub the refrigerator drawers and shelves, throwing out the mystery leftovers from several months ago, while you’re at it. The shriveled and soggy carrot you meant to add to your stuffing at Thanksgiving will appreciate a trip to the compost bin.


With a clean and tidy house and all your spring cleaning chores taken care of, you can easily welcome the warmth of spring and summer and spend your time playing in the outdoor sunshine!

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