Portland senior housing

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Finding safe, quality housing for aging parents and family members can be a challenge – especially when factors like living on a fixed income are added in. As a cause that I care deeply about (read more about that HERE), I make it my business to know about organizations making a difference in Portland senior housing. Here are a few:


This community development group manages properties for low-income families. While their housing is not specifically geared toward seniors, they do have a program designed to help older adults and people with disabilities age safely in their homes by providing free repairs. REACH welcomes volunteers! >>>Learn more about REACH

Northwest Housing Alternatives

With a mission to create opportunity through housing, NHA helps families, seniors, and people with special needs throughout Oregon. They have opportunities for volunteers to be involved in a number of ways. >>>Learn more about Northwest Housing Alternatives

Northwest Pilot Project

I’ve talked about and featured this non-profit before, but they are truly an outstanding organization doing wonderful things for Portland senior housing, specifically in Multnomah County. They target very low-income seniors and work to create change by alleviating housing and transportation issues. This is a great non-profit to volunteer with! >>>Learn more about Northwest Pilot Project

Bridge Meadows

A unique answer to both senior housing in Portland and foster care, Bridge Meadows is an inter-generational community bringing together families caring for foster children and seniors who surround those families and volunteer their time giving to the community. Bridge Meadows invites people to join in as volunteers. >>>Learn more about Bridge Meadows

LeadingAge Oregon

This nonprofit does more than just housing, serving as an association of organizations providing quality housing, health, and community services to the elderly. Connected with the larger, national LeadingAge, this group is an excellent resource. >>>Learn more about LeadingAge Oregon

Innovative Housing, Inc.

Focused on creating solutions to unmet housing needs, IHI helps a range of individuals in Portland, including seniors. >>>Learn more about Innovative Housing, Inc.

Caring for our seniors and allowing them to age with dignity and grace is an important part of being involved in our community. These organizations are a good place to get involved and learn more about senior housing in Portland.

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